Affiliate marketing for beginners 2023

18 min readSep 5, 2023
Affiliate marketing for beginners 2023

Are you looking to start your own affiliate marketing business in 2023? In this video, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it! With affiliate marketing, you can make money by promoting other people’s products. This video will teach you all the basics of affiliate marketing, from setting up your affiliate marketing account to creating your first affiliate campaign. By the end of this video, you’ll have everything you need to start your own affiliate marketing business in 2023!

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but today we’re going to talk about how you can go from 0 to 10K per month with affiliate marketing but there will be no BS today I will share with you the truth okay the real truth how it works and what you need to do to go from 0 to 10K per month with the GD at marketing okay so if you will scroll down just if you will just go to facebook.


com and just scroll down my results during the last let’s say if you will be just scrolling okay down you will see that I made multiple multiple multiple times I made 10K per month with affiliate Market my best month so far worth 17 000 of dollars per month uh with affiliate access so guys I’ve been there I know the way and I know actually What It Takes okay so we will start from the Newbie position okay let’s say you are you’re just started you you’re actually a journey with affiliate marketing and


you’re thinking okay what it takes to go from 0 to 10K per month so I created this presentation to share with you my personal experience okay now so first of all what a lot of people simply don’t understand so you will need to you will need to become a different person to start making 10K per month let’s say okay because guys if right now you’re not making 10K plus per month okay and you just want to make it okay just believe me from point A where you’re making zero to tone to point B where


you’re making 10K per month and you will need to be you will need to learn so many things you will need to invest so much money so just believe me you will need to decide a different person okay now also what people don’t understand okay so it takes time and money it takes time and money to build any business guys it takes time and money to build any business okay let’s imagine you want to build offline business just regular business I don’t know like start a grocery shop or something like or start


a McDonald’s to start a McDonald’s you would need to pay 250 000 just for franchisee to become a franchisee so to build an offline business that makes you 10K plus per month you would definitely need to spend more than hundred thousands of dollars actually I believe around 200 or even 300 thousands of dollars to even just try to build a 10K plus per month in real profit online business and 90 of new businesses fail even with when they invest money same thing here even if you will invest money in the majority of cases you will


just fail if you don’t know what to do and how this is why you need to have a good Mentor find a good Mentor okay now another thing is that what I wanted to share with you guys anyone anyone who makes 10K plus per month with affiliate marketing now including me invested more than 50 000 of dollars and at least five years in the majority of cases much more than 50 000 and much more than five years of life so why do you think you’re you’re different you’re smarter than me I also saw that I am smarter than everybody this is why I


spend so much time blood and money before I gave up and simply paid to my first mentor and after that I paid to my next mentor and after another two or two years I paid to my next mentor this is how it works guys so you will be either spending your time and money for nothing or you will just find a mentor who knows the shortcut and you will just pay him okay so now this was the scary part okay but I I just want why I decided actually to create this uh presentation for you today because I I still see a lot of freebie


Seekers a lot of people who say oh Gina I’m not a free Seeker I’m not a bloody freak the seeker and they are looking for freebies let me show you the example okay so during the whole month I’m posting really real results and really a real way how my affili access works and how my refracts are helping me and my Affiliates to make money and at least help you try to help you start making money online okay but nobody cares and as soon as I posted this five I’m sure giving away five thousand five thousand


subscribers at least for free for make money online Niche USA openers comment 5000 and you know what I have 36 bloody comments now guys 5 000 subscribers list openers USA can cost you from 10 to 20 000 of dollars listen listen to me I’m a traffic vendor 5 000 subscribers list real people who reply who who open and click when you send them emails it will cost you at least 10 to 20 000 of dollars at least so now my question is what are all those 36 people thinking I will give them what they think I will give them


okay do do they think they will give them my list of 10K people that I expect that I spend around thirty thousand of dollars and probably I don’t know seven years to build do they sing like this okay guys please wake bloody up wake up okay so now actually let me share with you some ideas what I would do what I would do if I would start again from scratch so first of all guys if you will decide that you will you you will spend your time uh to learn and you you really want you really want to make money online and you you will


pay uh what it takes to start making money online I mean time and money then this is what I would recommend you to do so first of all you need to have a current work job salary okay because the the biggest mistake I see when people come to me and say Gina I only have 100 bucks to start this business guys nobody start business with 100 bucks and a lot of problems in your hand and be in your family because if you if you only can invest hundred bucks I can assume that you don’t have money to to to for your family okay now you


need to fix your situation fix your bloody situation first and then come back to me and say Gina let us talk I have 5K 10K but I want to go from my job from my work to online business so what would you recommend and in this case we have a lot to offer to you and we have money to build your business to reinvest this money into your business this is much easier so for the for during the last let’s say couple of years I’m building my feelings this program and what I’m trying to do what I’m trying to do I’m trying to create


the easiest the simplest approach for anyone who want to start affiliate marketing business so let me share actually my thoughts and why it works like that okay so first of all the idea of iliacsa of the philiasa was to give you a leverage a leverage what I mean I mean that when you even join for 17 you can still have uh make up to eighteen hundred bucks per referral because these deep funnels that we created this deep funnel not only gives people opportunity to learn about email marketing social media how to


build lists how to do get get more leads for money okay agreed to make even more money up to three thousand dollars or even join my personal coach not only that but during the process we share this profit with you with you with you with you as an affiliate okay and this is this this is what I call the leverage I wanted to give you the leverage so you would you would have at least a chance to make thousand bucks not invest in thousand bucks up front maybe I’m just uh dreaming but still okay but still this


is possible and I will tell you why this is possible these days because these days we have um if you have let’s say affiliate program that allows you to make from seven bucks and up to eighteen hundred bucks and even more for referral okay so then then you just may use uh concentrate on a social media and this is how you actually will be able to drive free traffic yes it will take a lot of time for you to work with social media but even even uh with this we give you like opportunity to spend less your time and get results faster so


this is what I mean I will show you how I how I use social media okay so for example in my case I have social media funnel that can which consists from Facebook okay so see everything starts from Facebook in my case it’s almost 4 000 friends here and I also have a passive income blueprint password Facebook group where we have around uh already like uh how much 3500 people again most of these most of these people will do nothing because they are freebie Seekers they don’t even know what they want okay they think that they know they what


they want they said Okay I want to become a better I want to start making a lot of money this is what they want but they refuse to earn this to to refuse to admit that the guys to make thousands listen consider this like a bit if you if you don’t treat this like a business this will become the most expensive Hobby in your bloody life okay okay so now we started from Facebook so you just create your Facebook you put the banner uh you create pinned post okay and you simply invite people from other from different affiliate marketing


groups and you start posting and these people see your posts and this is how they may join your uh business opportunity okay this is an old way like more advanced way we started using more often uh Instagram and tick tock so let me share my experience with you how you should actually how it works to use it okay so first of all you should consider Tick Tock as your traffic machine okay and you should consider your Instagram as your store as a storefront of your business okay this is what I mean guys what I mean what are you what we people


usually use Instagram for people usually use Instagram for to post their personal videos okay like what you do how you leave uh how you make money and everything this is important and because Instagram was created for this okay Instagram will not give you a lot of traffic until you start buying shutouts or we’ll talk about this a bit later you need to buy shout outs to show your Instagram account to many other people to on a bigger Pages like 500 000 page or a 1K 1 million page okay this costs money but this is how it


works with Instagram okay and with stick talk it’s much easier much easier it goes with Tick Tock because Tick Tock right now people’s uh we used to say that Tick Tock puts you in a 250 jail okay uh but I believe uh it simply depends on the algorithm version the algorithm version that exists right now on keep talk okay but still let’s say that you are in 215 views jail like me for example like the majority of my videos they don’t show to more than 250 people okay no matter how hard I’ll try but


it’s okay because they still show it to to 200 or 300 people and if you want to have thousand views of your information for free you can just need to post five videos a day that actually uh give you 250 views now in in case of achillasa if you join Atelier you can just download my videos because at the end and upload it re-upload it to your to your actually or you can even do do it with me because at the end okay I will show you I started posting this check this out the roadmap from 0 to 10K plus per month and the downfield


business there is no link here I show my result okay but at the end I say okay guys use them for your videos to promote on Tick Tock and then you’re in business Now check my profile for details affiliate access so now if you will simply download this video and upload it to your Instagram account to your Tick Tock account to your YouTube shirts to your Pinterest account this will drive traffic to where to your profile and all you need to do is just put to your profile your affiliate link okay so let me show you what I put to my


profile this is what I pulled to my profile schedule a zoom call with me this is not necessarily needed for you okay you can just put 0 to 10K per month roadmap okay and uh actually when people click they are redirected to your affiliate link to your Affiliates affiliate link so how you get this link okay your Journal Philly access for 17 bucks this is the training era that you will see you simply go here setting up your business you grab your grab your money link what you will need to do again you’re making


up to eighteen hundred bucks for referral so just register your word Plus account and you simply okay send affiliate request I’m a buyer and I will approve you and then you simply get your affiliate link so your next step setting up your router we don’t use funnel Builders at all we don’t need funnel Builders both in aweber and in get response there is an opportunity and possibility to create good enough opt-in page landing page so you don’t need to pay for funnel Builders at all okay and then you’re ready to use your


new Fast income funnel to build your list and make money when you sleep now again if we come back to ideas okay Gina where do I get traffic guys traffic is quite simple you either use page traffic you go to udemy okay and you buy traffic or you get traffic from social media like I show you okay that’s it this is this is how it works now I also show you how to use tick tock to get like explain you get up to a thousand views for free every single day so you go to your Tick Tock account you put your affiliate in there


okay you can simply upload any video from your phone okay uh to your Tick Tock account and by the way another cool thing about Steve talk Tick Tock allows you to do promotion of each and every video almost every video you will put Tick Tock will allow you to put from to to pay for promotion and you know what it’s just six dollars in just six dollars to buy thousand plus views on tick tock so you’re not paying to middle name you don’t know where where this traffic comes from in this case but in case if


you pay directly to tick tock they will even allow you to decide which country you want to to get people from okay but this is actually not even needed because the more random people you will see your video the better results you will have so then you just use tick tock CEO okay cell key clock sale to actually make sure that when you will be released from this 250 or 300 or 20 or 200 or 100 views per day jail or can you will actually be people will find will start finding your videos because you use your uh keywords like see in this this


video is about email marketing so the keywords are how to build an email is fast how to build an email list for affiliate marketing email list for affiliate marketing email list grows list building and so on this video is about uh simply motivational video but still at the end of this video I promote the the affiliate something again can you do anything so you can just download this video just download this video upload it to your account you may edit slightly this video you may add a different music or just do nothing you can upload it even


if you see my face even if you see me talking about something you can create you can just do do it click do it on your phone do it okay and this is what now you are promoting a relaxer from the guy using the guy who created this scene how cool is that now with Instagram it’s slightly harder because Instagram will not give you uh free views just just for that again the strategy with Instagram is slightly different with Instagram you just again I’m not spending a lot of time on Instagram because Tito gives me


so much more but I still I I keep posting because maybe someday I will spend like more uh time on Instagram so it’s just for me to to not to lose their account but in in reality I personally like spend more time on Tick Tock because Tick Tock gives you traffic like this immediately immediately but with Instagram again there is a strategy from bigger guys who have money more money than you and this is the only reason why they are making more money than you they invest more money in traffic in shout outs and


other things okay so this is your Instagram uh how you get traffic from Instagram so you create your account okay you you you you consider it like a storefront of your business and your personal life okay where you can present your business ideas and give again how you leave you show results uh and the again the the difference between Instagram and Twitter Instagram allows you to post anything Tick Tock if you will start posting a lot of spammy content about your results they may not allow this okay but for Instagram it’s okay and then you simply


buy shout outs weekly to grow your Instagram account faster so let me show you how it works with shout outs when you actually start um when you actually start like doing this you will start uh you will start receiving like a lot of a lot of questions from people who already have like bigger accounts who will start sending new messages like this okay Gina these are the these are the pages that we want and we can put your advertisements to and I will show you uh some okay okay how much how much how much how much


so this this guy starts from let’s say 100 bucks to post my content to around 300 to 500 uh thousand pages okay let me show you um to some good guys again they will give you they will give you pricing like this in this case see they say okay Gina I can pause your story and your shout out to these pages one million eight hundred thousand seven hundred thousand six almost 700 500 000 okay these this is how it works so my next question okay how much okay you just say okay let me know your pricing companies just get your price okay and


they will be like sending you messages all the day all the day okay inviting you to use their pages okay to put to to put your content to their pages so this is how it works with Instagram okay now uh in reality you need to use everything including including actually including actually uh YouTube shirts the cool thing about YouTube that YouTube allows you to report the same one minute video as you can see same one minute video I paused to a YouTube shirts and this is how I drive traffic from YouTube shorts same videos this is why it’s cool


now okay so guys again please you either consider this like affiliate marketing like a business and this is why you need to you need to actually work with Mentor no problem I invite you to join my personal coaching program downfield business coaching program simply send me a message we will chat about this have a some session about this and everything or you will be just like everybody else you will spend a lot of time and money with zero results but the most most important part here you will be frustrated all the time not knowing why


nothing is changing this is why you need to invest time money and you need to have a guy a girl who will be bloody leading you hand by hand and only and even in this case you will need to work a lot but if you don’t do this what we’re talking about okay so this is the real way from 0 to 10K per month with affiliate marketing guys I don’t want you to be frustrated if you’re smart enough you will watch this video a couple of times and you will see so much information so much value that will allow you to start using it okay start


working with I would recommend to start working with Steve talk now because it will take time for you before you will actually understand how how it works in reality because you will need to create your personal style you will be seeing oh okay okay why I don’t know why this video with me gave me 70 certain views and this video with me gave me 230 views what is the bloody difference and you will start noticing some uh different different things that you will need to change okay okay why this video is 1600


and this video is 15. they are the same virtually the same motivational stuff so you need to understand why and for this you need to pause the load and see what works for you and what works for other people and how you can become friends with Tick Tock with Instagram with YouTube so to use their power to leverage their power okay here again in my case with the AFFILIAXA your way starts here you just go to AFFILIAXA.


com you subscribe okay and you will be redirected to this page affiliate intra okay watch this video because on this video I simply show you uh everything actually that I uh need to explain before you join I show you some of my life okay my social media but next scene you will need to click this button okay because I do pre-qualification using Facebook I don’t want to sit and wait uh wait and the guy who will Who will not who will not appear this is why everything starts from Facebook okay and see what I do I say


okay hi guys glad to see you here how much you can invest this in as a business okay if you don’t have more than 100 bucks you can still join affiliasa and at least start bloody learning okay how to how traffic works done for your content you will get access to done for your content we have 60 videos created for you 60.


two videos every day here see videos created for you by my designer it’s all about motivation okay so when you join Felix you get them for free as a bonus so next scene if you are like more serious and you have 25 plus to invest you click here and then I say okay now I assume you’re here I see your series to build this like a business okay so let’s talk and then only then you click let us talk and you choose the data and you choose day and time to start uh to have a zoom session with me and we decide how to create a business for you


because we are all different I have the guy who’s 70 years plus and I have the guy who who’s 24. they are different people and they they need different approaches okay so this is why I use this pre-qualification I use zoom chat and zoom session to make sure we fit to work which with each other okay as I hope this was useful have a great day and again if you have any questions simply go facebook slash Affiliates and send me a message and we will chat see you later