The ultimate side hustle — get paid to test!

What is


TheUsertesting is an ultimate side-hustle website where people give feedback on products and services and get paid.
The website has a collection of user feedback surveys that users can take. These surveys can be for companies, websites and apps or just about anything else you can think of!
The website is very easy to use and is very user friendly! People take quick surveys and get paid for the feedback!

TheUserTesting is an on-demand human insights platform that empowers entire organizations to make timely, customer-centric business decisions with confidence.
With TheUserTesting, brands can target their exact customer audience, readily create and execute studies, and engage in 1:1 live conversations to better understand, capture, and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses.
Easily package these human insights into a video reel and share them across the organization to make more informed decisions that influence the customer experience and increase brand loyalty and revenue.

Why should I use TheUserTesting?

This is how it works
People sign up for the website for free and they get paid to take short and simple surveys on products and websites that they are using on a daily basis!
You can use the website to get paid to give feedback on products that you currently own or use on a daily basis.
For example, if you are an online shopper then you can take the survey “Which products do you shop for online?” and start giving feedback on specific products that you own or use on a regular basis.
You will receive points for completing each survey, points which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal!
The great thing about TheUserTesting is that it doesn’t cost anything to sign up!
You can also make money by taking your friends’ and family’s opinions too! You can earn around $10 per friend that joins and you can increase your earnings by referring your friends and inviting them to your “Referral Code” (You can find this in your UserTesting account under the ‘Settings’ tab).
You earn 50% of the points your friend earns, making it very easy for you to make some extra pocket money each month!
The website also has various offers that you can complete to earn extra money!
For example, there are daily trials which you can sign up to, where you take a trial of a new product in return for answering some questions about your experience with the product. These give you the chance to try out new products and earn yourself some extra cash!
Another thing I like about The User Testing is that you can redeem your points for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, Sephora, and more! This is a great way to make a little extra money from home without having to leave the house!

Great as a way to make money on the side
You do not need to use this website often.
It is mainly just when I want some extra cash.
It isn’t a job, it’s more like a side hustle.
What being a Tester for TheUserTesting looks like is on their website (once you are approved as a tester) there are preliminary quizzes for tests.
The quiz is to see if you are a part of the demographic they’re looking for, for that specific test.
If you aren’t what they are looking for, the quiz stops and disappears. If you are what they’re looking for, the test begins.
The tests range from moderated sessions where you have a live conversation with someone (these usually pay $30-$90 with $1 per minute) to talking into a mic by yourself and going through the questions/features of a product or website (these pay $3-$10).

Overall, I like Usertesting’s communication with testers who are using their app and website. They are able to get back to you as soon as they can. The app may crash at times which can be annoying, but they give out frequent tests and is the most used website. I would continue to use their app and website. I just wish some of the crashes were fixed.


I like the app a lot. The design of the app is very sleek. The functionality works good where I do not have many problems with it when it comes to tapping on the menu or when I receive tests. I am able to communicate with Customer Support fairly fast and they are able to compensate when it comes to finding bugs at times. They also have an option where you can check to see other tests on the laptop / desktop which they can allow you to test multiple devices. You do get paid to take their tests and they are very good about giving payment. Though, it may take a little longer to receive at times.

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